King Fahd Library Museum

Inside the King Fahd Library is a museum that is dedicated to the preservation of around 300 rare manuscripts and about 10,000 rare books.

There are also some 12,000 microfilmed manuscripts as well as a selection of tools used in their writing.

You’ll find a small coin collection with coins from all over the Middle East and also engraved stonework from the Hijjaz.

Amongst the many books are copies of the Qur’an from India and Pakistan, and Arabic grammar books written in Latin, German and Dutch dating back three or four centuries.

Pride of place in the museum goes to a Kufi copy of the Holy Qur’an which dates back to the third Hijrah century, and which is written on leather.

The King Fahd Library is on King Fahd Highway, just south of the Al Faisaliah Tower.

Opening times for all are from 8am till 2pm and 4.30pm to 8.30pm, Saturday to Wednesday inclusive.

Go through the main entrance which brings you into a circular hallway. Go up two flights of stairs and the museum is in the spur going off immediately opposite to the main entrance.

Report to the office at the end of this corridor and ask to be shown to the manuscripts room, which, for obvious reasons, is normally kept securely locked.

Entrance: 24o 41.15’ N; 46o 41.12’ E


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