Fish Souqs

If it’s fish to eat that you’re after, you can buy every shape, colour and description in Riyadh’s plentiful supermarkets and hypermarkets; but take the time to visit one of the fish souqs which are where the discerning chefs head for when they want to rustle up a culinary delight.

For the more traditional type of fish souq, there is the Murabba central market which you can find just to the north of the National Museum.

Alternatively try the Souq Al Shamal (northern souq) just one block south of junction 5 of the northern ring road.

At both these markets, the fish are really fresh. If you are buying crabs, ask for females as they have more meat on them. And the giant prawns are simply to die for!

At the Souq Al Shamal you will also find a vegetable and fruit souq as well as another area which sells chicken.

The Murabba fish market is to be found on the first major road north of the Water Tower entrance to the Murabba Park. 24o 39.0’ N; 46o 42.6’ E

Souq Al Shamal is in Ibn Seina Street 24o 25.6’ N; 46o 39.2’ E


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