Equestrian Sports

Throughout the world the Arabian horse is one of the most sought-after breeds. Beautiful, intelligent and loyal, it has a bloodline that dates back thousands of years.

In Sa’udi Arabia, owning and breeding horses has always been popular with both city dwellers and bedouin alike.

The founder of the modern Kingdom, King Abdul Aziz, owned a famous stable, and the Arabian Horse Research Centre in Dirab owns a breeding stock of several hundred stallions and mares, most of which are descendants of his horses.

Horse racing used to take place at the old stadium in Malaz, but now it is held most Thursdays and Fridays between September and April at the newer Equestrian Club a few hundred metres north of Janadriyah.

Although men only can watch from the stands, families are able to watch the spectacle from the excellent restaurant facilities located over the stands.

Betting is prohibited.

You can telephone 01 254 0222 to get further information.

If you want to ride, rather than watch others, there are numerous clubs and facilities around the capital, but in most cases you will need to register as a member.

The International Equestrian School in Malaz not only teaches people to ride but also puts on horse jumping, polo and other events.

There’s an equestrian centre, too, at the northern end of the Diplomatic Quarter and you may well see bridleway signs near the perimeter walk.

The Equestrian Club race track is on the Thumamah Road just north of Janadriyah.
24o 58.98’ N; 46o 46.97’ E


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